R.E.L. is one of the few commercial laboratories in Texas that is
AASHTO accredited in asphalt and asphaltic concrete, soils,
aggregate and portland cement concrete testing.  We participate in
both the AMRL and CCRL sample proficiency test programs for
these materials.  We also are pre-certified by TxDOT to perform
work in these areas and also to perform certification of other
laboratories and their personnel for testing on Central Texas
Turnpike projects.  

        AASHTO Accredited
•         Asphalt Cement and Cutback Asphalt
•         Emulsion
•         Hot Mix Asphalt
•         Hot Mix Asphalt Aggregate
•         Soil

         CCRL Accredited
•         Portland Cement Concrete
•         Portland Cement Concrete Aggregate

         TxDOT Pre-Certified
•        12.2.1 Plant Inspection and Testing
•        14.2.1 Geotechnical Testing
•        12.1.1. Asphaltic Concrete Testing
•        12.2.1 Portland Cement Concrete Testing
•        14.1.1 Soil Exploration
•        14.3.1 Transportation Foundation Studies
Rodriguez Engineering Laboratories